A DC Anniversary Session with T & P

A DC anniversary session that is nothing short of a delight. This couple has their photos taken on their anniversary every year. And since they recently relocated from Seattle to DC, this is an extra special shoot. Given that Tracey is a photographer herself, I am very flattered that she would reach out to us. 

Furthermore, getting hired by another photographer is always so fun. They understand our priorities for hair, makeup, wardrobe. Not to mention location and timing. Since we have many conversations back and forth to narrow down these details, we were both very happy with the decisions. 

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Although you may recognize this location of the DC War memorial, I feel like it’s different every single time. Ultimately the couple makes the location unique. And personal to themselves. In addition to the War memorial which is classic and timeless, around the corner is a lovely second photo spot near the Memorial Bridge. It’s hard to describe the location, but many DC area runners will recognize it right away. The stairs make a lovely backdrop, but the real stars of the show are the gold statues. Although this location is pretty traffic heavy, the views of the Potomac River and the Lincoln Memorial are worth the crowds.

For so many people like myself who love photos, A DC anniversary session is a great idea. Reach out so we can start planning a session right away. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here dreaming about our own next anniversary session. Perhaps it will be in another major city like London or Paris.



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