Cute Family Photos at home

Cute family photos at home are my first choice for a family photoshoot. I’ve found that capturing kids in their natural habitat is the most natural way to document a family. Of course going somewhere is always fun, but I suggest starting with some photos near home. If possible. With kids under the age of three, I always say an at-home session is the first preference.


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Most of the time we are just looking for a corner with some natural light in the home with simple decor. The bed is often a great spot. Clean white sheets are classic. If there’s a small yard then that’s even better. Given that kids are so tiny, the smaller the kid the smaller the scale of the location is preferred.

Now it’s always helpful when the home is beautifully decorated. This particular session is lovely because the mother is an interior designer. I’ve been lucky to have lots of interior designer friends who have hired me for cute family photos at home. If the whole house isn’t photo-ready it’s not a problem either, we just need one room. In my experience, the nursery is always a great spot. I’ve worked in some of the smallest, darkest, messiest rooms and we still are able to get the amazing shots.

This family welcomed their second child with an at home lifestyle family photo session in their Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia location. I love photographing families with a casual approach, letting the kids just be themselves and have fun with the shoot. Heck if they don’t want to wear shoes by the end of the shoot, I’m fine with that!



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