Family Photo Shoot in New York City

Family Photo Shoot in New York: Did you all know I went to high school in New York? Upstate New York that is, but I’ve been going to New York City for as long as I can remember. On one of those many trips to the city, one of my sister’s mommy friends requested a family photoshoot to document their time in the city, as they were about to move to Europe.

We started the shoot on the rooftop of their Midtown apartment building, which had amazing views of the city skyline. With a rambunctious toddler and amazing spring weather, Central Park was an easy choice for the second location. Although little Ved was skeptical of me and my giant camera, with a few snuggles we were able to catch some smiles and tender moments between these three.

New York City Skyline Fine Art Film Photographer © Bonnie Sen Photography
Family Photo Shoot Colorado Portrait Photographer © Bonnie Sen Photography
Central Park Family Photo shoot Fine Art Film Portrait Photographer © Bonnie Sen Photography
Small boy with parents - Candid Outdoor Family Photos Colorado Family Photographer ©Bonnie Sen Photography
Candid Father and Son Moment During. Family Photos Denver Portrait Photographer © Bonnie Sen Photography
Mother Son Moments During Family Photos Colorado Photographer © Bonnie Sen Photography
Black and White Family Photos © Bonnie Sen Photography
Family Photo Shoot New. York City Colorado Portrait Photographer © Bonnie Sen Photography

Scheduling Family Photo Shoot

Most of the time during the shoot the family thinks that none of the photos turned out. When actually we get a ton of great shots every time. It’s our job to make sure we do. And it’s easy to see how. The kids are so darn cute! Trust me, photographing kids is not nearly as bad as it seems.

Although a family photo shoot can be tricky to schedule, documenting milestones like this are such an investment in the future. With family photo shoots I suggest keeping them short and sweet, with few wardrobe and location changes. Keep them fun and low pressure and I can guarantee that we will get some amazing shots.

Ultimately I’ve seen these photos cherished for many years afterwards. These photos are often used to decorate the halls of homes. How special for a family to make memories with the background of more memories. I can guarantee that no one has regretted having a family photo shoot.