Family Photos Denver, Colorado Photography Studio

Family photos are where I started with in photography. Family photos in Denver, specifically! So when we moved back to Denver and had the chance to open a studio in our backyard, it seemed like everything came full circle!

There’s something about classic family photos in studio that still appeal to me. It’s always charming to do photos outside, but when you have a tight window and some fast moving kiddos, having an enclosed and weather proof space is a treat. Our good friends offered to model for us as our first family session in the studio and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Denver Colorado Family Photographer © Bonnie Sen Photography
Denver Colorado Family Photographer Brother and Sister Photos © Bonnie Sen Photography
Denver Family Photographer Brother and Sister Photos © Bonnie Sen Photography
Denver Family Photographer Black and White Family Photos © Bonnie Sen Photography
Mom and Kids Photos for Family Photos Denver © Bonnie Sen Photography
Family Photos in Denver Colorado Photography Studio © Bonnie Sen Photography
Black and White Studio Photography Kids © Bonnie Sen Photography
Black and White Studio Kid © Bonnie Sen Photography
Photos Denver © Bonnie Sen Photography
Black and White Studio Family Photography Colorado © Bonnie Sen Photography

Denver Family Photos

I love that this sweet family of four wore coordinating outfits but were not overly matchy for their family photos. The various tones of blue played off the crisp white photo backdrop beautifully. The family’s adorable personalities shone through and I loved being able to capture their relationships on camera.

One of my favorite things when capturing family photos is to make sure we get photos of different groupings. The photos of just mom or dad and the kids are so special and I know their family will cherish those forever. I also can’t get enough of the individual portraits of the kiddos – so precious!

I also love that we are able to capture so many of our good friends and their families. Meggie here is my old roommate and one of my dearest Colorado friends. To say that they are some of my favorite humans in the world is an understatement.

We are having so much fun with the Bonnie Sen Studios from capturing families to portraits to commercial shoots. We just love our blank white canvas photography studio in Denver! Keep an eye on the Bonnie Sen Studios Instagram for all the studio related content.