Getting the Most out of your Portrait Session

Getting the most out of your portrait session is often a question I get asked, and I’m glad! I want everyone to have a wonderful experience with the portrait session. Additionally I also want everyone to absolutely love their photos! From my experience if you’re having a good time it shows in the photos. We don’t want any “deer-in-headlights” looks or “annoyed-this-is-taking-so-long” faces so I try to do everything possible to keep the shoot efficient.

So here are my biggest tips on getting the best possible results!

1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.

Are you unsure about where to start? What location to pick, what date, what to wear? Not to worry! With any portrait session I include a complimentary phone consultation to get the wheels turning. It’s much easier to talk through multiple locations and dates than to do a back and forth on email. If you’d like a casual, laid back session, then doing a portrait at the monuments probably isn’t going to work. If you want to dress up and do something epic, then we can make that happen too! In one phone call we can knock out all your questions and narrow down some options. These quick 15-30 min phone calls have always helped getting the most out of a session.


2. Dress for the Location

Once you pick the mood and the vibe of the shoot that can be a great starting point for clothing & wardrobe. An at-home session would be perfect for casual clothes that coordinate with your home decor. If you place is bold and dramatic, dress that way! If it’s soft and full of neutral tones, like this at-home session, lean into that. For the outdoor shoot you should fit the season. Spring calls for bright, light, cheery colors. Fall would be great for flannels, cozy sweater, scarves and boots like this engagement session. But always dress up more than you normally would. It’s a photoshoot! While we do want to capture your authentic spirit, we also want to portray you in your best light.


3. Pets, Props and Themes

Oh how much I love all of these things! If you’re nervous about your photos being too stiff because there’s no action then it’s always great to add an activity! I absolutely loved this Christmas tree cutting engagement session or this foodie culinary engagement shoot. It’s so much fun to grab a bottle of champagne and have a picnic and get a little tipsy before the photos. For kid-centric photos it can be great to bring along bubbles, or their favorite scooters and toys. Pets are always great to document as part of the family, but I suggest only having them around for a portion of the shoot.


4. After all that, relax and get into it!

Most of the effort comes from planning and preparing for the shoot. Once you’re there, let me take over! No matter the weather or the crankiness of family members we can make the shoot a success! If you’ve followed the instructions above and have prepared then the shoot will be a breeze. Relax and make sure that you’re having a good time with your loved ones. I’ll be there to capture every bit of it!




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