Jose Villa Mexico Workshop Review Part 1 – Engagement Session


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Jose Villa Workshop 2014 : Classico Mexico

Workshop: Jose Villa Workshops

Hair & Makeup: Team Hair & Makeup

Florals: Saipua

Custom Lace Top: Emily Rose Riggs

Fashion Styling: Grey Likes

Overall Design & Execution: Laurie Arons

Design Direction: Amber Moon Design of Pitbulls and Posies

Design Direction: Casa de Perrin

This past November of 2014 I attended the Jose Villa Workshop in Jalisco, Mexico. Having stalked Jose’s breath-taking photography for almost a decade I knew I would eventually attend the workshop, I was just waiting until I got “good”. The irony of this thought was pointed out by my dear friend Amelia, who was already going to the workshop. That’s when, sort of on a whim,  I decided that I would be her roommate. Before the workshop I hadn’t shot any film, let alone medium-format film, and while business was good I felt like I was ready to take it to the next level. During the workshop I used one of Jose’s Contaxes and some film that was supplied by Fuji and took my first ever shots on the film camera. The feeling of making a photo on the Contax was when everything clicked for me. Before I even saw my scans from Richard Photo Lab, another sponsor of the workshop, I had already ordered my own Contax. Sure enough when I got the scans, and proof prints… I was obsessed.

Many have asked me about my experience at the workshop, and it’s really hard to describe – but the best way to say it is that you come away with new eyes. After being taught by such a masterful, professional and kind teacher like Jose, my standards for photography… and quite frankly life in general have been raised to a very high level. The experience will make you look more closely at light, composition, business, art, photography, competition, the industry, networking, pricing, hair, makeup, flowers, jewelery, fashion, personal work… the list goes on on and on… Not to mention that you come away with some great friends in the industry, and an amazing portfolio of images. Stay tuned for more posts!