Mentoring Sessions

I’ve held off on offering any teaching, mentoring or workshops for a while because of the same reason everyone holds off on them, wondering who am I to teach? But then the words from Sean Wes, a podcast that I regularly listen to,  have been floating in my head. In this podcast he talks about why you shouldn’t wait to teach because “Teaching is a way of learning”. There is so much more to that 1.5 hour long podcast, you should listen to it.

Another reason why I am going to start sharing more teaching posts is because I did my first one-on-one mentoring session last week and I realized that I have a lot to say. We barely covered everything in 2 hours, and I could have kept going for a lot longer. In my own education I have have relied heavily on other photographers sharing their knowledge, and I continue to do workshops and mentoring sessions myself so it only seemed appropriate for me to share my little nuggets whenever possible.

Finally  I’ve also been getting requests for information about photography, assisting positions, and general “coffee dates” from aspiring photographers and while I would love to respond to every single request – I know some of them get lost in the cracks. I didn’t start out in photography that long ago, so I do remember what it’s like to reach out and never hear back.

So if there is a topic that you would like to hear about or if you’d like to schedule your own mentoring session, reach out to me at

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