Not Your Typical Cherry Blossom Engagement Shoot in DC

It can be tricky to time an engagement shoot in Washington, DC if you’d like to grab the Cherry blossoms. They are fickle little beauties, and often don’t cooperate with anyone’s schedule. However, we still try to make it happen! The trick is to be flexible, like super-duper flexible. Oh, and when your photographer wants to stop by the City Center Pink lantern display for a few shots… oblige her 🙂



I had such a great time with Liv & Rich, who are friends of friends so I knew we would have a good time. I didn’t know it would be so gorgeous! Liv was super duper prepared and took all of my advice, including working with the amazing stylist Naina Singla (who is my super secret weapon) and getting hair and makeup done. It always shows in the end result!

I’m so excited for their wedding at the Hay Adams this upcoming September with the amazing A Dominick Events and Amaryllis, among many other teammates! Stay tuned for those!



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