A Bridal Session For the Love of Beauty

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These photos haven’t been featured or published anywhere, and I’m quite alright with it. It has nothing to with weddings, or wedding photography, or trends (although Flavia is wearing a STUNNING Carrol Hannah gown) and is quite un-publishable, but it’s still my favorite batch of photos to date. While shooting that Sailboat Bridal Session we stumbled across this gorgeous greenhouse on the property. It didn’t fit the sailboat story, but man did I love this thing and I couldn’t help but to dedicate a portion of the shoot here. These photos were a turning point for me. For this shoot I committed to film 100% and film paid me back in spades.

So much love to this creative team of vendors who are always up for trying something new, and are so fun to work with that I feel free to explore whatever catches my fancy and I know I have their trust, not to mention their best work.

Creative Direction & Florist: Porter & Ives, Beth Trenti

Makeup: Real Doll

Hair: Styled by Anna Fazio

Dress: Carol Hannah

Calligraphy: Poppy and Scooter

Venue: Belmond The Inn At Perry Cabin



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