Destination Engagement Sessions and Planning them

Destination Engagement sessions aren’t always that difficult to plan. A few years ago we saw a strong trend of couples who were opting for a destination engagement session. This is a fun way to get your engagement photos taken at one of your favorite places in the world. Whether it’s Disneyland or Vail, Colorado. Most couples want photos at their summer vacation spots. Or places they have lived. This is true especially if their favorite spot is different from where they were getting married. Many of us have an absolute favorite place. But often logistics or other factors make it impossible to hold a wedding there.

Destination Engagement Session East Coast Beach Atlantic Ocean © Bonnie Sen Photography

Needless to say, we are more than happy to travel to a location that you love because chances are that we will love it too!

Destination Engagement Sessions Tips

Once you have decided to go for destination engagement sessions, here are the first things we do: 

1. Research, research, research. Thanks to the bounty of information on the inter-webs we can often find top photo spots online, which is a great place to start. We gather information like the popular photography locations, how crowded they get, are they open during golden hour, and if they require a photography permit.

2. Choose wisely! If you’re trying to show off the beauty of the Italian Alps, then it doesn’t make sense to do photos in a generic garden or field. Pick a spot that really shows where you are!

Destination Photo Shoot in Seattle Washington - Destination Wedding Photographer © Bonnie Sen Photographer
Destination Engagement Session in NYC - Destination Film Wedding Photographer © Bonnie Sen Photographer

3.   Dress appropriately – this is true whenever you pick a destination location destination or not! Let the scenery set the tone. Gardens are great for pretty dresses and sport coats. The mountains of Colorado call for dramatic flowy materials or the completely opposite – hiking gear. 

Destination Engagement Session on a Sail Boat - Denver Colorado Wedding Photographer © Bonnie Sen Photography
The Sail Selena in Annapolis, Maryland

4. Theme it up! If you’re going to be doing these photos at Lake Como in Italy (dream spot!) then go for the vintage wooden sports boat! Opt for a more editorial outfit. This is the time to be a little more bold than you would at home. After all, you’re on vacation! 



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