Black and White Studio Portraits in Denver

Studio Portraits get such a bad rap! Indoor and black and white studio portraits are perfect for this stylish couple. Our good friends Leila and Todd are in Denver by way of London and we want to capture that “London in Denver vibe” while our time here in Colorado overlaps.

We were able to capture Leila and Todd at our Denver photography studio in front of a simple white backdrop. For wardrobe when the couple was asking what to wear I told them their usual attire of all-black. The result was just perfect.

Couple Photos Denver Portrait Photographer © Bonnie Sen Photography

Of course I knew they would wear something chic and elegant in black. I can only imagine how great a dressy look would be. Our next guests will be a little more formal in attire. Just to see what that looks like. Having professional hair and makeup done also adds to the look.

Cool and Edgy Family Photos Denver Family Photographer © Bonnie Sen Photography
Modern Black and White Couple Portraits by Denver Portrait Photographer © Bonnie Sen Photography

The best part of this whole shoot is that it was after the sun went down. The beauty of having a studio is that it’s consistent. Climate or lighting is never a problem. The space is heated and secure. It’s literally a dream for me to have this studio! Be sure to see all the other posts that show off the types of shoots that we are doing here.

Denver Colorado Headshot Photography Modern Black and White Studio Portraits © Bonnie Sen Photography
Denver Colorado Family Photographer Film © Bonnie Sen Photography

Bonnie Sen Studio Portraits

All the studio portraits are photographed in our studio within 10-15 minutes. We are so excited about having this studio space so we can open up to portrait sessions, commercial shoots, family photos, and anything else that can happen on a blank white canvas. There’s something about having a controlled space for photos that opens up lots of possibilities!

Keep an eye on the Bonnie Sen Studios Instagram for all the non-wedding related content. We are, however, looking forward to the return of weddings and large celebrations when they happen!