Family Photos in the Colorado Mountains

These family photos in Frisco, Colorado for our good friends were a real treat! We have known this family for a long time. In fact, my friend Katie is also a talented family photographer and we started our photography journey together. I don’t know about you, but my friends’ kids are some of the best humans. Maybe it’s because they are little mini versions of my favorite people. But I jump at any chance I get to see those sweet kiddos.

We had a mini-reunion in Silverthorne, Colorado and spent one night with Katie’s family. After reconnecting over dinner and drinks, we were ready to hit the trail with this good looking bunch the next morning for some Colorado family photos. Of course, I had the chance to review the wardrobe selections with mom (always a must) in advance to make sure everyone coordinated.

Colorado Mountain Family Photos © Bonnie Sen Photography
Black and White Family Photos Denver Photographer © Bonnie Sen Photography
Candid Family Photos by Colorado Film Photographer © Bonnie Sen Photography

Make Family Members Shine During Family Photos

While it’s not imperative to feed me, provide beverages and overnight accommodation, it is helpful to give me a heads up about family members before a photo session. Any favorite sports, hobbies, passions, dislikes all help me capture the spirit of a person better during our time together. For example, I knew that the middle daughter in this family loves photography. And she wanted to help me take a few photos. As one of 3 siblings myself, I know how important it is to be recognized as an individual. And because of this I always capture each individual child and each parent with the kids during my family photo sessions.

Black and White Photos of Kids Sisters © Bonnie Sen Photography
Family Portrait Outfit Ideas Denver Family Photographer © Bonnie Sen Photography
Summer Family Photos Denver Colorado © Bonnie Sen Photography
Dad and Kid Portraits Colorado Mountains © Bonnie Sen Photography
Candid Mom and Dad Photos Portraits Denver Colorado Portrait Photography © Bonnie Sen Photography
Mountain Family Portraits in Colorado © Bonnie Sen Photography

As for finding a perfect location for photos, there were so many great trails in Frisco that we had our pick of the bunch. We hiked in just past the trail entrance and found a great clearing for photos. After this shoot, I know I need to work on my hiking skills. But maybe not after a night of reconnecting with friends!