Goodstone Inn Rehearsal Dinner

A Goodstone Inn wedding is an amazing place for a full wedding weekend of fun, including the rehearsal dinner. When this couple first told me about their vision for the wedding weekend I knew it would be good. They love visiting this place as a weekend getaway not too far from their place in Georgetown, DC. As I kept hearing their description of the weekend I knew it had a good change of getting published because of their overall vision. And sure enough, it did eventually get picked up by

Many couples are skipping the engagement session for rehearsal dinner coverage. Especially when it’s a Goodstone Inn rehearsal dinner – it’s almost like a second dinner party. Many couples, like this one sees their rehearsal dinner as a more intimate way to connect with their inner circle. Full on with custom menus, flowers and decorations.

The bride also would take the opportunity to wear a second wedding dress, something with lots of personality and little bit more trendy. The couple greets their guests at the smaller and more intimate location on the property for a formal dinner. After some mingling, cigars and dinner, toasts are exchanged and are quite personal and intimate.

With the rehearsal dinner, Sully, the couple’s dog is also able to be a large part of the rehearsal dinner and therefore wouldn’t feel left out of the wedding. Portraits with Sully at the perfect time of day, Golden Hour, was is a bonus about having a mini-wedding at the rehearsal dinner.

For a destination wedding weekend in the Virginia countryside, Goodstone is a perfect location. Many different buildings and locations allow the entire wedding party to stay locally and really get to know each other.