The Slope Room Vail, for a Rehearsal Dinner

At the Slope Room in Vail our couple hosted an intimate rehearsal dinner. For a foodie couple, the rehearsal dinner becomes a delightful and delectable affair, a culinary journey in itself. The cozy rehearsal dinner for such a couple is an intimate gathering where the spotlight is on the art of gastronomy. Held at an intimate, candlelit bistro or a charming farm-to-table restaurant, it’s an evening filled with exquisitely crafted dishes that are a testament to their love for the culinary arts. The couple, along with their close friends and family, savor a carefully curated menu that showcases a fusion of flavors, from exotic appetizers to indulgent main courses and decadent desserts. As the wine flows and the conversation flows, the evening takes on an atmosphere of warmth and connection, celebrating not only the impending nuptials but also the couple’s shared love for the pleasures of the palate. It’s a memorable prelude to a wedding day that promises to be just as flavorful and rich as their love story.

Photographer: @bonniesenphotography

Planning and Design: @Cloud9Denver

Venue and Catering: @LarkspurVail

Lighting, Drapery & Florals: @staticefloraldesign

DJ and live musicians: @thentertainme

Hair and Makeup: @beautyonlocationstudio

Gorgeous chairs: @charmingchairs

Lounge and table top rentals: @copartyrentals

Linens: @bbjlatavola

Seating Chart: @cartabene

Invitations: @cloud9denver

Bride-Brittany: @chiricobeGroom-Mark: @mjc_101