Rooftop Portraits in Kolkatta, India

Rooftop portraits are so simple but so satisfying. This rooftop is part of the apartment building where I grew up in Kolkatta, India. It’s such a busy city that the rooftop is often considered the backyard, with room to stretch out, garden. And sometimes we would even sleep under the stars when it was hot. I knew I had to do rooftop portraits shoot with my cousin on that rooftop. 

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Rooftop Portraits’ Details

While in India this past winter I talked my cousin into doing a little modeling for a few portraits. We spent a few hours in the morning one Sunday on the rooftop of our family home in Kolkatta, India. This rooftop is a temporary respite in the chaotic nature of the city. Many kids grow up with the rooftops of these buildings as their playground, I remember having sleepovers under the stars and flying kites from the roofs of this city. I wanted the photos to capture the relaxed, comfortable nature of the roof.

Several years after this shoot we went back to Kolkatta and did several other photoshoots including this one at the Rajbari Bawali. It was quite an adventure to conduct business in my hometown. I felt quite grown up. The challenges of destination weddings are many. Even as a photographer bringing our equipment in and out of airports, and making sure that we can rely on things in like transportation and hospitality are often a gamble. This is why we have several backup plans and alternative locations in our back pocket. 

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